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Why Hybrid?

We believe a hybrid approach this summer with a mix of online and in-person instruction will allow us to offer a program that makes the "best of both worlds" and avoids both screen fatigue and the challenges and risks of daily in-person instruction.


A hybrid approach will allow us to alternate days on campus with days online; students and staff will never come to campus two days in a row, giving us time to react, adjust, and minimize potential exposure if there should be a positive case of COVID in our camp. Queens University will be following social distancing guidelines this summer, including the wearing of masks as required. Our on-campus activities will be as interactive and student-centered as possible given the requirements. In-person classroom activities on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be complemented by synchronous and asynchronous activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will not be expected to sit in front of the computer all day during online days, but some self-guided learning activities will be required in addition to the synchronous meeting.

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