***2021 UPDATE***

Queens is pleased to offer our summer 2021 Mandarin Chinese immersion program in the HYBRID modality.


Due to this change, our application period will remain open

through April 23rd, 2021.

PREVIEW:  View the entire 2019 application here before you begin. There may be some updates to the 2021 app.

2021 COST & FEES:  There is no cost for this program aside from a reduced fee to cover daily hot lunch in the cafeteria. This fee is paid upon enrollment in the program unless a student chooses to opt-out and bring lunch daily. There is no application fee. Students may bring money the day of the field trip for optional purchases. 

ACCEPTANCE RATE:  We propose accepting nearly 100 students and in the past we have received around 200 applications, with numbers increasing each year.

ATTENDANCE:  Students who accept a spot in the program must commit to attend the entire program.  Students who are absent two full days will not be allowed to continue following the second absence. Because grant funds are invested in each participant, we only accept students who can benefit from the entire program experience.

SIBLINGS:  We understand that in ideal circumstances, siblings would be accepted to the program together. However, due to the number of highly qualified students who apply, it is not possible to give preference to siblings.

PAST PARTICIPANTS:  One of the main goals of StarTalk is to promote the continued study of critical languages. Therefore, past participants are welcome to re-apply.  In order to give this opportunity to as many deserving students as possible, only those who meet the highest standards of participation, behavior, and attendance will be invited to return.

RESIDENCY:  Preference will be given to local applicants.  There will be several post-program activities in the Charlotte area that students are encouraged to attend if possible.

SPEAKING SAMPLE NOTICE:  Students with prior experience are required to submit a speaking sample with the application.  The sample should last no longer than one minute and should reflect something the student would be able to say in a conversation or introduction, not something they are reading.  The sample will be uploaded as an audio or video later in the application.

To complete the application, you will need the following:

  • Email address of a teacher reference. Without the correct email address, the teacher will not receive the reference request and your application will be incomplete.

  • Speaking sample if you have any experience studying Mandarin Chinese. The sample may be submitted as an audio file, video file, or a link.

  • Short answer responses.

To access the application, users must be logged in to a Google account, which can be obtained free of charge. Users who are logged in to Google accounts associated with a school system may experience difficulties. Please log in from a personal account if this occurs.​

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